TSUDAKOMA Europe s.r.l. was born in January 2021 in Assago (MI), to strengthen the Tsudakoma industrial production reality and the poles in the world and thus be able to guarantee assistance and after-sales.
In order to better serve and more demanding, the Italian reality will be essential for European customers, now dedicated to an increasingly technical and highly technological textile niche.
The Japanese company was founded in 1909 in the city of Kanazawa and became famous for the K loom which was sold in Japan and abroad for over half a century, becoming the company’s flagship product.

The company also begins to develop sizing machines to improve textile quality and textile efficiency. In addition, the product range for the machine tool device business has been constantly expanded.

The company also engaged in the business of manufacturing machine tool attachments and succeeded in developing a high-precision NC rotary table. This item grew into a product used in a wide range of industries from the precision equipment industry to heavy industries. The company began to be recognized in the machining industry as “the vise manufacturer TSUDAKOMA” and “the NC rotary table manufacturer TSUDAKOMA.”

TSUDAKOMA Europe s.r.l. will have the task of creating a bridge between the Japanese company and the European market, consolidating the presence of the TSUDAKOMA brand in the area.

Data incorporated: July, 2020
Capital: EUR 300,000
Settlement term: November 30
Representative: Nobuhiro TAKANO, President
Address: via Mario Idiomi, 1/32 | 20057 Assago (MI) | Italy

This is a corporate brochure for our headquarters.