• Dream Navigator since 1909

Tsudakoma Europe Srl was born in January 2021 in Assago (MI), to strengthen the TSUDAKOMA industrial production reality and the poles in the world and thus be able to guarantee assistance and after-sales.
In order to better serve and more demanding, the Italian reality will be essential for European customers, now dedicated to an increasingly technical and highly technological textile niche.

Textile Machinery

TSUDAKOMA, as the Dream Navigator, continues creating excellent textile machinery, opening the door to a new era of weaving.



Composite Machinery

TSUDAKOMA created the “de facto standard” in textile machines and machine tool attachments. Applying such reliability and original technology in cutting-edge composite material, we create the future.



Machine Tool Attachments

From more than 100 years of experience TSUDAKOMA is one of the biggest producer of high quality rotary tables.


A Strong Tsudakoma, A Strong World.

Ever since its founding in 1909, TSUDAKOMA has produced cutting-edge technologies and products, as an innovator in the textile machinery and of the machine tool attachments industries.
In 2014, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry selected TSUDAKOMA as one of the “Global Top Companies selection 100”. (Textile machinery)
Through exporting our ultra-high speed jet looms and sizing machines to more than 60 countries all over the world, we have realized the spread of various new fabrics, such as high-class dress fabric, high function cloth, and industrial materials, and made a contribution to the economic development in emerging markets.

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